Many people as they age reduce their living space. I’ve seen it a hundred times. I’ve even done it myself. Of course, this may be dictated by circumstances and have nothing whatsoever to do with aging. But it’s interesting nevertheless that as many people do grow older they “occupy” less space. Sometimes it’s necessity especially if they are disabled. Sometimes it’s a deliberate choice to relieve them of responsibilities so they can do what they most desire…less yard work, less house to maintain, less things to take care of. And presumable more time to travel, visit family or just kick back.

But perhaps there is another way of looking at it. Physically as a room is diminished the exit does becomes more accessible. Yet I use it here as a metaphor. The soul is getting ready for departure. The body is slowing down. The spirit is preparing to take leave of this world. The way out is within reach.

For some it’s a joyous occasion this closeness to the door. For others it might be a fearsome event. But at some point one’s “room” will get smaller…and the “exit” will be tangibly close.

How does one prepare? For the Christian there is no question of what lies beyond. Christ made the preparation. The soul is counted righteous before God. Heaven awaits. Entry is guaranteed. The price has been paid. Nevertheless even the Christian must needs make confession before that glorious day of freedom enters his or her life. Preparation is having done all God set forth to be done with a clear conscience before God and man.

For the non-Christian the story ends differently. As the room decreases and the door is brought closer there is no hope of entering heaven unless there is a death-bed confession to Him only Who can save and Who desires to do so. Here the other side does not open into glory but into eternal separation from God and all that is good.

As in physical life so in spiritual life. There will come an inevitable time when the room will get smaller and the door will be closer. Be sure you have chosen well. There are no second chances. We are destined once to die and after that the judgment. Fill your room now with His presence so when the clock strikes the midnight of the soul you will be ready to exit to glory. Make haste. Do it now!