I penned a poem years ago. It’s been one of my favorites ever since. Do you mind if I share it with you? That’s kind of you to agree. Well, then, here it is:

A Rose In Bloom

I thought I saw a rose in bloom

red velvet

deep within a golden hue.

I paused to stay a moment more

and then I knew,

that it was not the rose I’d seen

but saw,

and had seen,

only you.

I’m not sure why it still resonates with me. Perhaps it’s the color of red set in golden hues. They’re my favorites still. And I love the texture of velvet, so rich and royal, luxurious to the touch. Maybe it’s the simple pause to reflect and look deeply within. You’ve done that, haven’t you, looked deeply into something, sometime, somewhere?

But I really think it’s the person to be seen that holds the key. That “you” we’ve all felt a time or two, that indescribable someone who evokes the very depth of passion and love and oneness. It’s the you behind the world of the seen, the you that completes our being in life until we finally come to the everlasting you, the you of God…and then we know.

Next time you pass a bush of roses take a moment, stop, look with intent to see…and listen. Perhaps the rose will speak to you as it did to me. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder. It is also reflected in the essence of the object viewed, its Creator evident in His creation.

I hope my little poem resonates with you. It’s been with me almost a lifetime. I simply wanted to share it with you.