I wrote a number of blogs four years ago and for some reason kept them in draft form. At the time, I wanted to go over them to make sure they said what I intended. Unfortunately, I forgot about them until my son reminded me they were there. It is now four years later and I see where some of those blogs need updating. So, here’s a quick snapshot of the changes in the ensuing years: My step-father died, I underwent heart surgery, I remarried and moved, I am now seventy-nine, and a new pet, Samantha, entered my life…the subject of this blog.

Samantha, Sammy for short, had been on the streets for five months before I noticed her in the neighborhood. She was shy, scared and without home or friends. Whenever anyone approached her, she would run…tail between her legs. Many of us tried to rescue her over the next ten months as she alternated between two neighborhoods. There were five households who were actively involved in the effort. Others, of course, would shoo her away some with hoses and some with shouts and sticks.

Animal control was aware of her situation even before we were involved. Sammy weathered temperatures between 27-108 degrees F outside. We, that is the five households, provided what food and shelter we could. But those conditions are fretful for anyone, let alone a scared canine fending for herself.

One day, sixteen months into her sojourn, there was an unusually severe rain storm complete with thunder and lightning. It seemed as though the heavens had opened up and wrath was pouring down. It was scary for humans let alone homeless animals. But it was during the height of that storm that Sammy ran into a neighbor’s garage. The neighbor was able to pet her as she crouched in his garage. She didn’t stay, but she had allowed a human touch. And that made all the difference in the world.

I arrived home from a weekend away to hear of the news. I had made it clear from the onset that were we able to rescue Sammy, I would adopt her. I called the neighbor whose garage she had run into, and conveyed my sentiments once more that if she could be caught, I would come over and take her into my home. The next day, I received a call that the neighbor had been able to get a collar and leash on Sammy. I quickly got into my car and drove over…and there she was as he had said. But when I approached, she balked. I was, however, able to lift her into my car and bring her home.

We found that she had a microchip. But when we tried to reach the owners, there was no response despite repeated attempts. Who knows how she got on the streets. We speculated, of course, but could never come up with anything concrete. My guess is that the Lord wanted us to be together. I think I’ll just stick with that. It was a team effort that saved her from the streets. And God heard my prayer all those months ago. Sammy has been with me for three years now, and she remains a joy in my life.

A miracle can occur anywhere and anytime. I hope one has occurred for you recently.
Perhaps Sammy’s rescue wasn’t a miracle to anyone else, but it was to me. To God be the glory!