Walley’s World of Christian Fiction

Christian fiction author Keith Warren WalleyMy name is Keith Warren Walley, and I am an author of Christian books. A few years ago a friend sent me a novel she had completed about the Book of Esther. Her remark to me was that everyone had a book to write just waiting to get out. It got me to thinking. Did I have a book to write? If so what would I write about? So I poked around and looked over a few articles and found this advice somewhere in the readings: (1) Write what you read…in my case murder mysteries; and (2) Write what you are familiar with…in my case education, a work history in healthcare, a passion for classical music, knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior and involvement in church…oh, and a ton of life experiences along the way.

I had put together two books prior to this…a men’s self-help book, and a book of poetry…both drawn from events throughout my life…and in the latter case from the words of many songs, spiritual and secular, I had composed over the years.

But doing a novel…that intimidated me, and I had to make a conscious decision to get out of my comfort zone and try. The result was, The Perfect Church with Bread of Tears and Bloodguilt following as a trilogy. I also completed a children’s book, An Angel To Guide Me and a romance, My Forever Love. And I just finished a third book, Sleep Would Not Come, to complete a second trilogy that started with If You Dance With the Devil and Let Sleeping Sins Lie.

With these eight books under my wings I found I thoroughly enjoyed writing and sharing the works with family and friends. To my surprise they soon encouraged me to try my hand at publishing. To say that publishing is another world is putting it mildly. So is the world of promoting one’s books. While the financial rewards have been minuscule, the personal rewards have been outstanding. And writing remains enjoyable.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I am a Christian, turn eighty-two in 2020, live with my wife, Kitty, a cat and a dog, reside in Southern California, have two sons, and am in generally good health. My background is in hospital and medical group management and healthcare law. I have a BA, MS and JD. I wanted to be a concert pianist early in life but never attained that level of performance. I have composed a number of classical pieces, hymns and spiritual songs. I enjoy church, good company, good food, laughter, movies, volunteering and being with my wife, family and friends. I am blessed, and life is robust.

With just the tiniest of plugs, I hope you enjoy my books. They’re written especially for you.